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[CSSA捐赠人]Zhang & Associates, P.C. – 移民律师

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9999 Bellaire Blvd, Suite 920, Houston, TX 770368 c3 s- L8 V5 m$ ]& X
(713) 771-8433, 1-800-230-7040 (Toll Free)
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Expires: 2013.4/ P  J4 `5 q6 E9 i* o- P/ W

- c: a& G9 W& k  y* k张哲瑞联合律师事务所的业务涵盖了美国移民法的各个领域,并专长于与商业,投资及雇佣相关的领域。正因为我们律师专业又敬业的态度以及广大客户的信任与支持,我所自1996年成立以来一直在不断的发展壮大,并在2002年获得了休斯顿地区发展速度最快的中小规模公司100强的殊荣。4 V9 G) Q* J! J0 t- N0 s

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此外,在EB-5投资移民方面,我所也取得了突破性的进展。2011年7月25日,我所律师代理的一个位于加州的EB-5投资移民地区中心(EB-5 Regional Center)获得美国移民局批准。目前,我所的多名律师正在为更多的客户办理EB-5投资移民地区中心以及EB-5申请。
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Zhang & Attorneys, L.P., (Z&A) is dedicated to the practice of all aspects of U.S. immigration law, with a focus on business-related and employment-based US immigration law. Because of our expertise and dedication to clients, Z&A has experienced rapid growth in recent years. In 2002, Z&A was honored as the only law firm on The Houston 100, a ranking of the fastest-growing private businesses making a great economic impact on Houston, TX. It also opened six branch offices in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Silicon Valley and Austin to accommodate its rapidly increasing client groups in the U.S.
Headquartered in Houston, TX , and with six branch offices all across the U.S., Z&A can handle U.S. immigration cases anywhere within and outside the U.S. by using the latest technology to provide professional services to our clients since immigration is a matter of federal law. Please click here to see the map of our clients' locations in the United States.
In 2011, our firm received 286 NIW approvals, 206 EB-1 approvals, 815 I-485 approvals, as well as 269 H-1B approvals in 2011.
In addition, we made significant progress in the EB-5 category. On July 25, 2011, we successfully applied the designation of an EB-5 regional center for a client in California.
Z&A provides the following immigration services:
Non-immigrant Benefits Categories" [" ~% U: y7 o% E) W/ G2 H5 Z9 s
Employment-based Immigration Categories0 t5 s2 b" x6 C9 s% l
Family-based Immigration2 T! W( ^9 j1 `7 x
Other Services
5 H4 u9 H5 o( Y* U2 H. C5 ?China Law Consultation7 t$ @) o2 w, v  E
If you cannot find what you are looking for, please click here for the search engine and search the articles on www.hooyou.com.

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嗯,休斯顿的很多朋友听说都是通过他办得移民和绿卡申请  发表于 2012-11-20 23:33
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very professional service for adoption case
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Zhang& Associates, P.C. 在Austin也有办公室了。
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EB-1B 类型的
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Austin Office感觉有点难找
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austin office招助理吗
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