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[CSSA捐赠人]Au-Star Motors华人车行

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My name is Jason, and I started Au-Star Motors in January of 2016.  My background and career prior to Au-Star was in the High Tech and Electronic industry. I earned a Master of Science degree in Engineering at Michigan State University in East Lasing, MI and moved to Texas in 2005.
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My reason for starting Au-Star was very simple. Cars had always been my passion and I could see that a fresh approach to selling cars would be welcomed by the car buying public and, in particular, the Chinese community in central Texas. Since its inception, Au-Star has been growing thanks to a very simple formula: customer satisfaction and repeat business. As an independent dealership and pretty much a "one-man show", Au-Star has a unique business model with low operating cost which gives itself a huge advantage over conventional car sale institutions. The net result is we put more money back to the pockets of our customers and help them save on car purchases. In addition, we partner with multiple lenders, both conventional and specialty,  to help finance our customers with limited options.

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As of today, Au-Star has more than doubled in both inventory and sales. We are developing and executing the concept of being a “Dealer for the Common Public", plain and simple. The moment a customer drives off a purchased vehicle from our car lot, marks not the end of a done deal, but the beginning of a long-term relation between her/him and Au-Star. And we’re just getting started!

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Au-Star Motors, LLC
12706 Harris Branch Pkwy, Austin, TX 78653
TEL: (512) 998-3493    L2 ]; }9 G$ @0 s6 p8 t7 ]
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FAX: (512) 646-7056  U; w/ B5 ?$ W6 T8 r" Z
  L% U  @7 a# Q" s! }: D
WEBSITE: www.austarmotors.com

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发表于 2016-4-22 15:34:48 | 显示全部楼层
虽然没从Au-Star Motors 买过车。 但认识Jason, 平时热心公益是很热心肠的一个人, 顶一个
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发表于 2016-5-19 18:43:06 | 显示全部楼层
我们在Jason手上买了一辆雅阁,价格公道而且服务质量也好。有时候我们有问题咨询他,他也耐心及时的解答。顶!d=====( ̄▽ ̄*)b
发表于 2016-5-26 22:20:48 | 显示全部楼层
今年刚到Austin. 这个月在Jason手里买了辆 Camry. 价格很合理,关键是车没问题。* i2 B: d3 J8 X) U! x9 Q
因为第一次买车,所以我很谨慎,问了太多的低级问题。 Jason都耐心解答了。  E8 k& Q  |& V0 H
发表于 2016-6-14 20:46:43 | 显示全部楼层
见过两次, Jason为人非常热情仗义, 到Au-Star Motors, LLC 去过,车子和价位都很赞。下次需要购车的时候会找他。
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发表于 2016-7-31 11:48:50 | 显示全部楼层
Au-Star Motors正式通过TEXAS OFFICE of CONSUMER CREDIT COMMISSIONER的审查,拿到Motor Vehicle Sales Finance License。我们竭诚提供购车贷款业务。
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