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UTCSSA welcomes Cisco & Associates Group LLC dba StudentIncome Tax Preparation as a proud sponsor!
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Cisco & Associates Group LLC dba Student Income TaxPreparation is a proud sponsor of CSSA and is happy to help students, alumniand faculty get the most out of their Tax Refund.

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Ourstrongest suit is Taxation. Over the years, we have been able to reconcilemillions of dollars helping our clients understand taxation. We specialize inthe following Deductions and Credits.
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Tuition and Fees Deduction
StudentLoan Interest Deduction
Qualified Student Loan
Qualified Education Expenses
BusinessDeduction for Work-Related Education
Qualifying Work-Related Education
Education to Maintain or Improve Skills
Scholarshipsand Fellowships
Americanopportunity Tax credit
LifetimeLearning Credit

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We also love to explain the coverage to our new and existingclients IRS laws are very strict and complex, we will make it easy and fun foryou to learn about your taxes.
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To obtain more information please contact us at our websiteor contact your local representative below.
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BrayanMejia Dubon
TaxPreparer |Insurance Agent
Office - 713-659-9281
|Taxes | Accounting| Payrollwith HR| BusinessAnalysis| BusinessFormation |
|Life & Health Insurance |Property and Car Insurance|
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