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[CSSA捐赠人]Dubon Greenway Insurance

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UTCSSA welcomes Dubon Greenway Insurance Auto-Renters-Home-Life Agency as a proud sponsor!
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Get a free quote from Greenway insurance and save up to 600 dollars a year!  
6 z! @- k' H: q% H- QTo get a car, apartment or home insurance quote follow the link at the bottom of the page and apply your information. Please remember to fill out the information accurately to get a good quote, once you fill out the form you will get an estimate price, please remember that an agent will contact you to go over the discounts to lower the quote! You can also just email Bmejia@dubongreenway.com  or call 713-659-9281 and they will go over the quote by e-mail, online quote or phone. (whichever is convenient for you)

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Dubon Greenway Insurance is a proud sponsor of CSSA and is happy to help out students, alumni and faculty save money on their insurance needs. Dubon Greenway Insurance has access to 20 different insurance companies such as Allstate, Metlife, Safeco, Proggressive and First Connect to mention a few. Our job is to find the right insurance with the best coverage for your needs at the lowest price possible every year! We will always review your policy each year to make sure you are receiving the best deal possible! We have great Rates for students that have recently obtained a driver’s license, purchased a vehicle or have recently relocated to the U.S. We also waive the prior insurance penalty that some insurance companies apply if you have not had insurance in the last 30 days, this is a 50% discount in most cases! We require no membership fees and have a referral incentive of $15 for every friend you refer to us that buys a new auto or home insurance policy.  We accept International and Chinese Driver’s license!

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Here are some examples of our rates
Please note that credit, age, car model, accidents,tickets  and location affect insurance  rates.  We also love to explain the coverage to our new and existing clients in Texas the insurance law is very strict and complex, we will make it easy and fun for you to learn what your insurance policy coverage is.

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  • Male 20 years’ old      
  • 2010 Honda accord  
  • low mileage under 3,000 a year
  • A+ ultra-Perfect Credit   
  • Licensed 2 years no accidents/tickets   
  • Insurance liability 36 per month         full cover 500 deductibles 
  • Insurance price rate 50 per month4 a  a4 C2 z1 v/ `% I# u$ w

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To do a complete quote fill out the form on the link below or e-mail and call the agent below. Please note an agent will call you to find more discounts and adjust the coverage to what you need.
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Brayan  Mejia  |  Senior Agent
Austin Texas Representative
Cell - 713-659-9281
Fax - 832-408-7908
Auto | Home| Renters | Umbrella | Watercraft | Motorcycle | Flood| Life | Commercial
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