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临时住处,找房代理 UTCSSA 推荐(2007年版本)

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[这个贴子最后由xiaowei在 2008/05/05 03:02pm 第 5 次编辑]
" D; h1 ]( ^7 v- z0 Z9 }' H9 J' F6 S0 N, B0 N
临时住所解决方案:% _7 B7 b/ {2 q9 z* @# k* P. {
1。最方便的方式是请系里的老生提供暂时住宿。请千万注意以礼相待。- {9 Y1 p/ }1 @, }" I$ p8 m
- N' d6 b2 a$ @0 Z; ~9 L/ Z3 _; n3。八月中以后到达的可以预约International Hostelling。 不过那个时段没有校车,只能联系师兄师姐帮忙了。并且那个地方条件比较艰苦。(见下文)
" b% _( |; m6 t. l8 ]( m% _4。也可以预定其他Motel Hotel。但是,这里交通靠自有汽车,很难发现有公交车到学校的。请一并作好Call Taxi的准备。) g* b, p- P7 e$ K/ ^
! T- D: q  A4 n+ [/ k* Q找公寓方案:
) q3 _6 g  ~: U1。UTCSSA已经帮助一部分新生预订了条件很好的公寓,这部分新生请联系Captain, 协调入住时间。
. ?( v& V2 w5 o6 \$ ^  o8 p2。大部分新生在到达3天之内要尽快找到公寓。请来之前发信息给我们特约的代理人。她会去你的临时住所接你看房,并提供一切尽可能的服务。(见下文)
, }5 J) x8 m  _: I3。请新生考虑找老生合租,很多老生会在这里张贴信息。与老生合租有很多好处。既可以帮你尽快安顿,也可以方便搭车购物。
( W: n) g& R" s$ }, T2 j$ V* j: v6 S3 l) l5 M- |3 [. I
# L  e& {) |( N" w6 o5 j3 g2 _
- W4 ?0 L/ n* ?  T3 Z7 ?  R1.Address:
& w; i+ `5 l: r) ]! o2 kTaos Co-op
- N5 P- @( F+ V0 `$ [! m6 L: }' x9 O2612 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX, 78705 (Very close to campus)6 ]! m' q' b. T- n
" q- t6 J4 U) W. f/ wPearl Street Co-op
5 `+ d( s) X  }9 S, e) B2000 Pearl Street, Austin, TX, 78705. (Very close to campus)
3 k+ p7 w9 g) u7 @) @1 \" V
+ {* z) |. }6 i$ ]$ D9 @2.Available time:
9 g5 ?# t0 ]  F( r" t/ A% @2 TFrom Now on to August 15th.; \2 `9 F3 P, ^/ L

8 x6 w" T1 l8 }% O3.Person to contact:' U& |3 q  `- Y: Q- _& [4 t! U
All contacts will go through Regina Marshall. She will need at least 2 day advance on all arrivals. She will assign them a place either Taos or Pearl. Please ask her the coordinators numbers to move into the buildings." S4 \1 }: a( V. g% n
# A8 w5 Q2 L6 q+ `, z
When you have a reservation, students come between 10am-6pm, please
3 }4 B% E6 G; c. P. H+ wsee Regina and pay there. Her office (1906 Pearl Street Austin, TX 78705) is on the south of the Pearl Street Co-op building.There is an office sign and you won';t miss it.This is the manager in charge of this issue and I already contacted her and she knows us.
. y) Q- i" z( K  E; h& E+ b3 ^Her phone number: 512-476-5678
  E* B( ~3 _) z2 g! SEmail: regina@collegehouses.org9 h6 B/ c7 {7 g
9 U1 U$ q6 l5 H/ s4 B0 }
4.Price and situation: 8 |4 x# u* I5 M. U
Two persons per room. $20 per day per person. One must decide how many days to stay and pay first before check in. For example, one wants to stay 3 days at first, then he/she pays $60. Two days later, one wants to stay one more day (4 in total), he/she can extend one day and pay $20. One or two people live in a room.
& T  ]! u; G# {' m& @% t, Y
% B7 v4 [4 f0 a) Q5.Special For This Summer From Coop:+ ?4 M" h4 l* M2 s8 n, H
We had some issues with people trashing the rooms last summer. Now as a
1 l0 G- O0 C; J' l# a( Gpolicy there will be a deposit charged on all rooms of $30. If the room is
1 @" M% t) h5 b0 K' b/ Rnot cleaned before leaving then we will keep the cleaning fee/deposit. Also1 H1 s/ n' P9 o6 G# T" H1 X
everyone must pay in advance and there will be no exceptions made. We also
! A) l. I2 Y2 o# q3 hhad people leave without paying so this is to help with this situation.
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临时住处,找房代理 UTCSSA 推荐(2007年版本)

[这个贴子最后由webadmin在 2007/06/23 12:33pm 第 1 次编辑]6 F# }( Z' d' ?0 M$ H& G* m* o

* \. p* P# j( n八月十五日之后,或者其他任何时间的临时住址:1 t+ D$ Q9 z0 `" j
Name: Hostelling International-Austin$ a9 [9 R! S  C2 V" U! D+ ^9 z
Address: 2200 S. Lakeshore Blvd. Austin, TX, 78741" X6 i3 K6 X/ B. R/ t
Reservation web: http://www.hihostels.com/affiliates/hiusa60035.php?country=US&city=a60035&AffiliateID=97060
5 S* A$ u- z' O: Q- k3 jContact Email: hostel@hiaustin.org
/ r: U3 \; e  e) D8 ]Conttact People: Ali0 a* E% C. D$ O9 }% V! `6 E
Telephone: 512-444-2294  ]+ a! M2 V1 d3 Z1 s" M
Right beside NR/LS shuttle line.
9 v, A7 [6 W% R) H( n4 ?Price: $ 20 per day. No meal provided.
& |) c* ?) N. Y: R: qShortcomings: A lot of people (around  live in one room.
: v" d6 Z' ~, m" F; CDriving directions from Google map:
# r! q. m; i+ ^4 x2 g8 @7 \http://www.google.com/maps?f=d&hl=en&sll=30.218877,-97.653694&sspn=0.06942,0.159645&saddr=3600+Presidential+Blvd,+78719&daddr=2200+S+Lakeshore+Blvd,+Austin,+TX+78741+%4030.244629,-97.722554&ie=UTF8&ll=30.223772,-97.692833&spn=0.069417,0.159645&om=1
- q3 K9 O0 E1 S2 m7 x$ _" vAttention:) v# n! p9 g* _: _4 D* k; I0 d
Please contact Ali to make reservation 3 days before.
0 }- _3 j  C" ADeskhour is 8-11am and 5-10 pm. So, for those come after 10 pm, it is impossbile to check in and our suggestion is the pick up people can provide a temp. room to the new comer for one night. Thanks a lot.
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临时住处,找房代理 UTCSSA 推荐(2007年版本)

[这个贴子最后由Lovid在 2007/06/25 10:02am 第 1 次编辑]3 x/ q5 Z3 C, M5 l

& z5 Y1 j' o# b8 @1 R7 h0 JUTCSSA 特约找Apartment代理人信息(免费)
& N* x' r; m! ]1 [! ~% `If you want to find an apartment and need to contact the locator before you come to Austin, here is the locator';s comtact information:" }. V" f8 y1 M
Sam Wong4 R1 o& A3 Z  x  ~1 S
Email: samcwong@gmail.com
4 R( A& ^3 X1 Z, K+ KPhone: 512-743-3039 (please call at US day time; she can speak mandarin)- r+ b. v9 L, {' e4 {( ^
Sam helped new students looking for apartments last year. CSSA got good feedback last year so we still invite her to help us with this work. Please tell her you are UTCSSA members when contacting.
1 R* P$ h. G; W: P# ?9 {& f4 O
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临时住处,找房代理 UTCSSA 推荐(2007年版本)

webadmin: I will reach Austin by the end of next month. If I want a coop for a short stay, does it mean I can';t move in when I get there after 6pm? the flight I checked normally get to Austin at night around 11pm.
; L9 k# E# k- h; d8 G( ?Thank you!
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临时住处,找房代理 UTCSSA 推荐(2007年版本)

下面引用由victor2007/06/24 04:53am 发表的内容:: @7 p/ G' \, O6 z, G$ J- h$ _& z1 J
webadmin: I will reach Austin by the end of next month. If I want a coop for a short stay, does it mean I can';t move in when I get there after 6pm? the flight I checked normally get to Austin ...

2 b5 J2 x8 F8 v* D( c$ v, q, DAfter you get reserved with Regina, please ask her for coordinators name and number, who should live in the same coop with your allocation. Then, you just need to catch those coordinators when you come late at night.
匿名  发表于 2007-7-18 23:29:54

临时住处,找房代理 UTCSSA 推荐(2007年版本)

I have contacted Regina, The fee is $ 20 per night.
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临时住处,找房代理 UTCSSA 推荐(2007年版本)

[这个贴子最后由jxcjxc在 2007/07/30 06:18pm 第 1 次编辑]- E# t- s" `9 `% K
3 X) B6 L+ k5 f  V3 n# t6 m" I
I can provide temporary housing July 30-Aug 15. Please call 46934817357 I, X7 e% W- _, Z7 t; h
Also, if you have to choose between Pearl and Taos to stay, here are the characteristics:0 `2 ?) b8 j$ g  E# q# e
Pearl has great view with lots of trees, swimming pool. It has more open spaces. However, people in Pearl are more crazy. Lots of people in the hallways in swimsuits, pretty loud, etc.' Q' ~0 q% P2 ~' i0 ?0 _
Taos is on guadalupe St. It';s pretty boring, not much activity, and no good views or swimming pools, but it';s usually pretty quiet.
7 s9 d: V$ @' A6 BBecause of this, most graduate students prefer Taos. More active people who wants to make many new friends prefer Pearl.
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