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UTCSSA Constitution and By-Laws

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摘要: UTCSSA章程和规则
Chapter 1. Introduction and Overview

§1.1 Name 
The name of the organization shall be “Chinese Students and Scholars Association of the University of Texas at Austin” and be acronymized as “UTCSSA”.

§1.2 Purpose 
UTCSSA is a non-profit, non-political, and non-religious organization of, by, and for the Chinese students, scholars, and their spouses at Austin, Texas. The goal of UTCSSA is to promote social, intellectual, and cultural activities for its members, to facilitate communication and academic exchange between its members and other students and scholars who are interested in Chinese culture in the United States, to provide help for its members, and to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the people of China and the United States.

§1.3 Mission 
§1.3.1 To represent and defend the rights of Chinese students and scholars.
§1.3.2 To organize activities and provide services and opportunities for the benefit of the life of its members.
§1.3.3 To develop good relations with other organizations so as to enhance solidarity among Chinese in the United States.
§1.3.4 To promote friendship with the local people and establish a favorable social image.

Chapter 2. Membership

§2.1 Any student or scholar studying or working at the University of Texas at Austin interested in Chinese culture, and any Chinese student, staff, or faculty member of universities in Austin, Texas are eligible for membership of UTCSSA.

§2.2 The rights of the UTCSSA members
§2.2.1 To have equal rights to elect UTCSSA executive committee members and to be elected.
§2.2.2 To supervise, criticize, and propose as regard to the UTCSSA executive committee or its members' work via justified means or methods.
§2.2.3 To participate in various activities held or initiated by UTCSSA.
§2.2.4 To request help or protection from UTCSSA in case of improper treatment. 
§2.2.5 To pass or veto any amendments to the UTCSSA constitution and by-law.
§2.2.6 To elect the president of the UTCSSA executive committee.
§2.2.7 To pass or veto the outgoing president’s report on his/her work. 
§2.2.8 To discuss and vote on any important issues pertaining to the current committee.

§2.3 The obligations of the UTCSSA members
§2.3.1 To abide by the UTCSSA constitution and by-law.
§2.3.2 Not to impair the legal interests of the public or of the UTCSSA, or to obstruct the rights of others when executing one’s own rights. 
§2.3.3 To support the work of UTCSSA, participate in the activities, implement the resolutions, and uphold the honor of UTCSSA.

Chapter 3. Executive Committee

§3.1 The executive committee is an administrative body of UTCSSA and is acronymized as “EC.” It shall be taken charge of by the board of chairs.
§3.2 The executive committee is directed by the board of chairs which shall consist of one president and two to four vice presidents.
§3.3 One secretary-general shall be appointed by the executive committee to assist with the work of the board of chairs, who may attend the business meetings of the executive committee and of the board of chairs.

Chapter 4. Presidency

§4.1 The president of the executive committee shall be elected by all UTCSSA members. He/she is responsible for all UTCSSA members and represents UTCSSA externally.

§4.2 The tenure of the president is one year. Consecutive tenures shall not exceed two years. The election of the president shall take place annually, no later than the second Sunday of April, the exact time of which shall be decided by the outgoing executive committee. Members of UTCSSA shall register before running for presidency.

§4.3 Vice-presidents shall be nominated by the president and must obtain two third majority of the votes from the executive committee in order to be elected officers.

§4.4 President’s authority of office
§4.4.1 To interpret the UTCSSA constitution and by-law and supervise their implementation. 
§4.4.2 To announce amendments to the constitution and by-law after one fourth of the executive committee members propose and two third majority grant approval. 
§4.4.3 To appoint and dismiss vice-presidents and other members of the executive committee. 
§4.4.4 To make working plans for the executive committee.
§4.4.5 To direct the work of the executive committee.
§4.4.6 To hold regular business meetings of the executive committee and of the board of chairs. 
§4.4.7 To arrange preparatory work for the incubation of the executive committee of the next tenure and to report on his/her work to all the UTCSSA members. 
§4.4.8 To decide other important issues of the executive committee.

§4.5 In the absence of the president, the vice-president appointed by the president shall temporarily act in the capacity of the president. In the absence of both the president and the vice-president(s), the executive committee member appointed by the president shall for the moment assume the president’s authority of office.

Chapter 5. Appendix

§5.1 The interpretation right of the UTCSSA constitution and by-law is granted to the then-current president.

§5.2 The UTCSSA constitution and by-law shall be effective on and after May 4, 2002.







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